Travel around Cyprus comfortably with a taxi service

Taxi in CyprusAre you planning to travel anywhere for your vacations? Maybe a foreign country is a good idea? One of the best travel locations in the world is that of Cyprus. It is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, which means that you’ll be able to have some great Mediterranean food, while appreciating the beautiful island scenery. This country is the third most populous island and is a perfect location for some island fun. Also, this country has many places of historical importance. You can tour all the country with the help of a good taxi service, which will help you see all the places of interests properly. One such excellent taxi service is the IGOGO. You can avail their services by their official website which is IGOGO taxi.

What is IGOGO?

IGOGO actually doesn’t own any taxi vehicles, so it is not a taxi company. It actually hires some independent taxi drivers who are properly licensed and can drive really well. It is a taxi service which takes the customer’s request via either the IGOGO mobile app for iOS and Android or from their website. Using this app, you’ll be able book a taxi to Cyprus anytime, anywhere. In this application, you’ll be able to set your beginning point and destination, and then pressing the “Order a Taxi” button will do the job. Also, this taxi service is a 24/7 one, which means that the vehicles are available all the time!

Services provided by IGOGO

IGOGO provides the customer with many options. It offers many different kinds of taxi service to the customer like:

  • Travelling to the hotel from the airport or vice-versa: Do you need to book a taxi from the airport to your hotel? Or maybe you are going to get back to the airport from your hotel? In both the cases, IGOGO ensures quick and safe travel. You can hire the taxi from the app in advance too.


  • Travel around the city: You can use the app to travel around the city too. They will help you see the key locations of Cyprus comfortably. You can choose any destination around the city and the cabs will arrive to your location in no time at all.


  • Business trips: The people at IGOGO know about how important is a business or corporate tour, so they aim to provide the most professional service for full customer satisfaction. A trip schedule for your booked cab can be made available a month ahead of the date. The cab will be sure to reach your staff members and you at the designated time.


Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist locations in the Mediterranean region. It attracts a lot of tourist from all around the world every year, who loves this place’s exotic cuisines and amazing landscapes. If you are planning to travel to this fantastic place and see all this place has to offer, then you will have to choose a reliable taxi service.IGOGO can help you fulfil all your travelling needs. Their cab drivers are licensed and regular, which will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Cruising along the Yarra was never this fun!

Cruising along the YarraAre you thinking about travelling a beautiful place in your holidays? What about somewhere uncommon? One of the most uncommon yet pleasant trips is that of a river. If you live in the Melbourne region, it will be a very good idea to tour about the Yarra River. This river spans all over the area of Melbourne, so you can tour about in style and also enjoy the natural views along the way.

A Melbourne River Cruise can be a perfect trip for you along with your friends, family and colleagues. Such a river cruise is a very memorable event and you can give a beautiful surprise to your companions along the way.

Cruising the river

A boat cruise will give you comfort and you will love and enjoy the scenery along the river with your friends and relatives. You can hire a good travel agency like the DreamScape Tours to get a nice boat cruise plan. These tour companies often have a host of different types of boat tour plans available. Each plan is designed according to the best services available and according to the number of people in the boat. (more…)

Renting a car at affordable prices

RentacarIf you are going to visit Cyprus in near future, take a flight to Larnaca airport in the east or Paphos airport in the west. Buses are always available to check out all primary places, but having a car always gives you the freedom of time to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the island all by yourself. You can always hire a car for your personal use after your arrival at the Cyprus, but you can also book a car for yourself in advance.

In Cyprus, car rental is available on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Most of the car rental services are located near the airport or the hotels, to provide you their service and a wide range of cars starting from cheap and affordable to costly and luxurious cars. If you want to rent a car in Cyprus at, it is advised to book your car as early as possible, keeping your requirements in mind, to save more money by unlocking more deals and discounts.

At the car rental office’s desk, a trained professional will help you to complete the rest of the booking process and will quench all your queries. And finally, you will get the key of your rented car upon successful booking. In Cyprus, Rent a Car Cy provides the best and most affordable cars with wide range of choices and smooth service. The booking process consists of three easy steps and can be done from abroad or after arriving at Cyprus. Below some advantages of renting a car at Rent a Car Cy is stated –

  • No extra money is charged.
  • You will get higher value services at cheap and affordable expense.
  • No credit money is required to rent a car.
  • You will get 24/7 service by their trained professionals active at call centre.
  • They provide both international and domestic car rental facilities.
  • A wide variety of choices are available.
  • You will find a car rental shop at the airport.
  • And most importantly, online booking is available with verified security.


It’s all about survival!

Survival bagAny action in fear can prove to be adverse, but when you take the fear out of an act, it becomes an adventure. However, adventure presupposes precaution against any reason of fear and taking precaution in every step of an adventure is what we commonly call survival. Survival is that bare human instinct that keeps us alive. It has always been the reason for the existence of our race.

On a more microcosmic level, survival on an adventure like hunting requires certain precautionary equipment or a survival kit. A survival kit is a package of basic tools required as an aid to survive in an emergency. It consists of the basic essentials needed to protect a person from the hostile environment they may be exposed to.  Preparedness is the key to adventure. Survival gear is the bare essentials to keep you prepared.

When you are packing a survival kit, there are various factors you must take into consideration. Most importantly is the location of your adventure and the kind of environment you will be exposed to. A survival kit varies according to the terrain and climate you will be traversing. A survival kit addresses the needs of first aid, water, shelter, navigation and signalling. All these needs vary from place to place. (more…)

Destinations you don’t want to miss!

travel around the worldIf you are a person who loves to travel or if your dream is to travel the world, then this write up is just for you! Travelling is just like reading a book. You get to experience new things, meet new people and most of all learn stuff that you have never even imagined. This article comprises of a list of the most famous and the best destinations of the world which you must visit at least once in a lifetime! You are guaranteed that you will not regret it.

  • Paris – When in Paris, you must absolutely visit the following places – the Eiffel Tower, the Musee d’Orsay, and the Louvre. However, even places like the Musée Rodin and the Musée de l’Orangerie and many other markets are a must. It will be a good idea to first draw up an itinerary of all the things that you would like to do in Paris. Set out a schedule for district-exploring, operation-attending, museum-touring etc. Group up with a set of friends and go sightseeing together!


Some tips for booking cheap flights

booking cheap flightsNeed a vacation but don’t like to spend much on airfare? Well in that case, with some homework and little effort, you can save big on airfare. Read ahead, to know some tips on how you can get cheap airline tickets.

Buy Early

Booking tickets at the last resort, especially during peak travel periods can cost you a fortune. The ticket prices tend to rise as the departure date comes near. So if you are planning for a trip ahead, consider booking tickets from before. And if you are travelling internationally, consider making reservations even earlier, at least 4 to 6 months in advance, to get the best prices.

On the other hand, you might save big on cheap business class flights to Hong Kong if luck is on your side, which brings us to:

Buy Late

Quite often, if airlines fail to fill up their planes, they cut their prices. They offer great last minute deals, deals that can save up to 50% of the amount! Most airline companies offer newsletters that you can subscribe to get last-minute deals. Plus, you can also consider tuning to other websites to know about latest travel deals.

Car Rental Strategy

Car RentalCar hire or car rental is an association that rents vehicles. They give the rental opportunity for a short period of time ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. The person, who does not own a car, can get several advantages from car rental agencies. A car rental service provider has several branches. So, it is very easy way to return the car to any branch.  They are generally located near the busy city areas, airports and frequently arranged by a website permitting online reservations. Nowadays, modern car hire agencies offer additional attractive products like insurance, global positioning system (GPS) and even such things like mobile phones that are definitely beneficial to a customer. (more…)