The New Google Maps

Recently, Google released its new version of Maps. Naturally, when I heard that you could sign up for a preview trial, I had to try it. This morning, I opened my email to find a link to the new site and began exploring. The new Maps is fully interactive, integrating streetview, Google Earth as well […]

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Giving An Old Map New Life: NJ Transit’s Sandy Mistakes and the Political Implications


In this recent article, NJ Transit gets ripped a new one for its policies during Superstorm Sandy. The article goes along with this FOIL request for the NJ Transit Hurricane Plan. Put the two pieces together and a compelling story of poor planning, mismanagement, disaster and ignorance emerges. While the article details the variety of […]

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Why everyone copies the London Tube map


Everyone loves the London Tube Map, the iconic ┬ájumping off point for so many of today’s transportation maps. How did did Harry Beck get it right and what makes them so effective? Let’s look at it from a technical perspective: 45 and 90 degree angles, thin lines, circular transfers, and no reference to geography other […]

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What Would Jane Jacobs Do: Inequality and New York’s Subway

Brooklynites know what JJ would do. 

Photo Credit:

Brooklynites know what JJ would do! Save Coney of course. Photo Credit: Welcome to what hopes to be the first of many WWJJDs – “What Would Jane Jacobs Do?” While a cursory google search will show that I am not the originator of this phrase, this series hopes to pose legitimate, modern planning/cartography questions […]

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