Cruising along the Yarra was never this fun!

Cruising along the YarraAre you thinking about travelling a beautiful place in your holidays? What about somewhere uncommon? One of the most uncommon yet pleasant trips is that of a river. If you live in the Melbourne region, it will be a very good idea to tour about the Yarra River. This river spans all over the area of Melbourne, so you can tour about in style and also enjoy the natural views along the way.

A Melbourne River Cruise can be a perfect trip for you along with your friends, family and colleagues. Such a river cruise is a very memorable event and you can give a beautiful surprise to your companions along the way.

Cruising the river

A boat cruise will give you comfort and you will love and enjoy the scenery along the river with your friends and relatives. You can hire a good travel agency like the DreamScape Tours to get a nice boat cruise plan. These tour companies often have a host of different types of boat tour plans available. Each plan is designed according to the best services available and according to the number of people in the boat.

Also, some tour companies allow completely personalised tour plans which are created by the customers themselves. Every one of these cruise plans in the Yarra River of Melbourne will give you equal pleasure and relaxation. The boats are fully equipped with the latest facilities, which will help the boating group to fully savour the beautiful scenery from the boat. Also, a host of different types of boats are available, which you can choose according to your preferences and the number of people with you.

Features of the tours

Often, the cruise packages by the travel agency have many different facilities for the customers to enjoy. These facilities may differ from agency to agency. Some of the features included in the boat cruise plans by DreamScape Tours are given below:

  • Free ticket for comedy shows for every passenger in the tour.
  • No entry fee for the special attractions along the river.
  • Event manager present on the spot.
  • The cruise completes in four hours and starts from either Southbank or Dockland.
  • DJ is included, so that you can party hard!
  • Beer, wine and other sparking soft drinks are present on board for free.
  • Food and waiters are included in the package.
  • Other drinks can be ordered.

Partying on the boat

The boats which are prepared for the tour are very well-equipped and will give a perfect view everywhere you look. Also, if you want a boat party, it will be organised for you by the best event managers available. These boats are very spacious and they can be equipped with a powerful sound system, a bar and even a dance floor, so that you can party with your friends! These event managers are very good at their work and can create the perfect environment according to the theme of your party, complete with DJ, stage performers, comedians, karaoke and mock casinos!

A good boat cruise can refresh your mind and fill your head with the wonderful beauty of the nature. The Yarra River is one of the most picturesque locations in the Melbourne region, so it is a good place to tour. Touring with friend can make the trip even more enjoyable, so hire a good tour agency and get going!

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