It’s all about survival!

Survival bagAny action in fear can prove to be adverse, but when you take the fear out of an act, it becomes an adventure. However, adventure presupposes precaution against any reason of fear and taking precaution in every step of an adventure is what we commonly call survival. Survival is that bare human instinct that keeps us alive. It has always been the reason for the existence of our race.

On a more microcosmic level, survival on an adventure like hunting requires certain precautionary equipment or a survival kit. A survival kit is a package of basic tools required as an aid to survive in an emergency. It consists of the basic essentials needed to protect a person from the hostile environment they may be exposed to.  Preparedness is the key to adventure. Survival gear is the bare essentials to keep you prepared.

When you are packing a survival kit, there are various factors you must take into consideration. Most importantly is the location of your adventure and the kind of environment you will be exposed to. A survival kit varies according to the terrain and climate you will be traversing. A survival kit addresses the needs of first aid, water, shelter, navigation and signalling. All these needs vary from place to place.

Blankets, tube tents, water proof matches, petroleum jelly and cotton or even a solar spark lighter are basic requirements for shelter in a survival kit. A person must also ensure a fairly stocked canteen to keep you healthy throughout the adventure. For other health related purposes, one must also have a fully equipped first aid kit with bandages, adhesives, aspirins and a proper sunscreen to keep you prepared in case on an emergency.

For defensive purposes, there are a few tools one must always carry. When you are exposed to nature, you are in no man’s land, there are no laws, and your only defence is yourself. You must always be prepared for attack. One of the most important survival gears is a signalling device. There may be many impromptu make shift signalling devices, but a survival kit must contain a Distress Radio Beacon or an emergency beacon. The Personal Locator Beacon, the Emergency Locator Transmitter or the Emergency Position-Indication Radio Beacon are few tracking devices, which, in the event of being manually activated in an emergency distress situation, sends out distress signals. They are monitored worldwide and the location can be detected by non-geostationary satellites. Besides these, whistles, laser pointers and LED lights are also popularly used distress signals.

There are many tools one must carry to be prepared for any attack. Fixed blade knives or multitool knives like the Swiss army knives are highly recommended survival tools. Sturdy cords or 550 parachute cords to snare animals that may pose a threat towards you. A hatchet to cut wood for cooking or keeping you warm in the cold climate. A machete is also a popularly used tool in tropical regions to make way through thick rainforests and is also used for the procurement of food. Helmets and solar chargers are also recommended survival tools. A compass and a navigation device are also essential to ensure knowledge of your location.  A venture into the sea requires other survival gear like a ladder, life jacket and even a sea anchor.

When out on an adventure, one must always be prepared with all necessary survival gear because, as Murphy’s Law suggests, – “Whatever can happen, will happen.”

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