Discovering data

Data availability is at a high point. The ability to find data and use it to discover and compare trends allows for new connections to come to light. Two barriers stand in the way of finding these connections: data comes in many shapes and sizes and visualizing it can be difficult.

Our analytical maps do just that. They take raw data from many formats and build them into interactive maps that allow for filtering and deep analysis. With the almost endless amount of variables available to analyze, these maps allow for the discovery of connections that originally were not present in a simple visual format.

Our Approach

Interactive Maps layer multiple sets of data in a fully visual interactive platform, allowing for filtering, layering, and discovery in a simple visual format. Bringing together multiple data sets with geographic information, we build a simple interactive tool that lets you find and discover the interactions and trends in your data easily.

Infographics make understanding data easy. By pulling out key trends and points within large data sets and presenting them with simple visuals and dense maps, infographics allow for your information to be presented and understood by a wide audience and their visual appeal will draw people to the data you want to present.

Trend Maps can be a series of maps or an interactive map that shows change in multiple data sets over time. They allow for any audience to use the simple interactive interface to filter and discover real world trends at any scale over time. These maps in print form bring data alive in various presentations, yearly reports, and marketing campaigns.

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