Experiencing the natural world

Eco-tourism is about the experience: experiencing nature in its purest form, the cultures that work to preserve it, and the wildlife that call it home. Our maps illustrate an ecological experience that brings users into the environment before, during, and long after the trip is over.

Our mapping techniques will show potential travelers the multitude of experiences offered and what they will see along their journey. During the trip our maps will stay with the user, supplying new information, and enhancing their overall experience. After their trip is complete, these maps will allow users to save their memories and share their story with new travelers looking for the same adventure.

Our Approach

Providing prospective travelers with an Interactive Guide of their trip builds excitement and provides an itinerary-building framework for the trip. Representing route and detailed tour options on the map, new travelers can decide on how to best experience their upcoming trip before they arrive. Additionally, our guides supply supporting information about the cultures and environments travelers will encounter.

Creating a comprehensiveGuide Map that can be used during multiple trips will help to enrich the experience for every traveler. These maps supplement the travel experience by adding details about the different environments, flora, fauna, and cultures seen on the trip. Additionally the map helps to lay out the entire duration of the journey. Printed on waterproof materials these maps are able to stand up to the wear and tear of being of a nomadic or hiking experience.

In many remote areas, satellite web mapping lacks detail and may be outdated. Balloon Mapping is a simple, non-invasive way to create high resolution imagery of remote areas. By using balloon mapping in specific areas along a tour route, travelers can see detailed images of their trip before and after their experience.

Many trips are documented with a series of photographs for travelers to return to their experience following the trip. Building these photos into a Tour Photo Map will allow for them to have a deeper experience following the trip and to share their trip with others. Layering of the trip photos over the balloon mapping images creates an even deeper interactive experience.

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