Enhancing the event experience: before, during, and after

Events, concerts, and seminars don't only happen at the time and place. Excitement and planning is built weeks beforehand. Audiences plan ahead, reassess their plans during the course of the day, and revisit their experience well after the event has ended.

Our wayfinding tools and orienting maps help to locate services during the event, and integrate with social applications including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Our maps allow users to revisit and publicize their experience, creating a larger conversation about your event that builds critical mass for the next one.

Our Approach

Interactive Itineraries allow for event attendees to orient themselves with the event site to prior arriving. Whether it takes place all over a city or in one building, users can build themselves a personalized itinerary for the event and find key amenities on site.

Balloon Mapping is a simple way to capture a picture of an event over time. While the event is taking place, cameras take aerial photos of the event space and attendees. The photos are stitched together into a high resolution interactive map or movie, which can be synthesized with other data.

Other layers, such as videos and photos at specific locations, can be added to the map, creating a truly unique interactive feature for attendees to relive.

To better help attendees on site during the event, robust Applications allow users find their way to key locations and organize their schedule on mobile. Users can access their event itinerary and find their way with both offline and online with support from guides, live schedules, and augmented reality wayfinding

Event Guides provide more than basic information. They allow attendees to filter and personalize custom information. Event schedules and amenities are listed in a simple format in addition to information for attendees with special needs all gathered in one place.

For those staying away from the event site, maps and guides help with transportation, hotels, and food arrangements.

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