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Transit Maps

We build a selection of transit maps and wayfinding tools that are custom designed to the needs or your city. Combining our knowledge of cartographic design with an eye for clarity we work to find find navigation solutions for regular riders, first time passengers, toursits, and users from all age groups.

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Eco-tourism is about the experience: experiencing nature in its purest form, the cultures that work to preserve it, and the wildlife that call it home. Our maps illustrate an ecological experience that brings users into the environment before, during, and long after the trip.

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Event Mapping

Our maps give attendees everything they need to plan and get around your event on desktop and device. Our robust agenda building tools, ease searching, filtering, and exporting events. Additionally our wayfinding and orienting maps help to locate services during the event, and integrate with social applications including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Our maps allow users to revisit and publicize their experience, creating a larger conversation about your event that builds critical mass for the next one.

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Analytical Mapping

Our analytical maps transform raw data into robust interactive tools that allow for and deep analysis. Layering multiple data sets and variables, ours maps lead users to discover connections and guide decision making for projects. They are always presented in a simple and elegant visual format.

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