Some tips for booking cheap flights

booking cheap flightsNeed a vacation but don’t like to spend much on airfare? Well in that case, with some homework and little effort, you can save big on airfare. Read ahead, to know some tips on how you can get cheap airline tickets.

Buy Early

Booking tickets at the last resort, especially during peak travel periods can cost you a fortune. The ticket prices tend to rise as the departure date comes near. So if you are planning for a trip ahead, consider booking tickets from before. And if you are travelling internationally, consider making reservations even earlier, at least 4 to 6 months in advance, to get the best prices.

On the other hand, you might save big on cheap business class flights to Hong Kong if luck is on your side, which brings us to:

Buy Late

Quite often, if airlines fail to fill up their planes, they cut their prices. They offer great last minute deals, deals that can save up to 50% of the amount! Most airline companies offer newsletters that you can subscribe to get last-minute deals. Plus, you can also consider tuning to other websites to know about latest travel deals.

Shop Around

Never book the first fare you see, even if it sounds good! Begin you search by looking for other online travel providers that can be a good source for low fares. Scrutinizing these sites will give you an approx. idea about the flights travelling to your destinations, the current fares and if any restrictions might apply. Now once you know this info, you can directly log onto the airline’s website to check if those flights come at any cheaper rates. You may be surprised to know that some airlines offer best deals on their own websites and not on third party sites! Plus, do not forget to check for any current or upcoming promotions, sales or deals and subscribe to alert features that’ll inform you if the price drops.

What’s the right time to book?

Knowing the right time to finally book a ticket and stop tracking fares is the most challenging task. So what to do? Consider Bing Travel that’ll make fare predictions for particular destinations. Just submit your travel plans and it will advise you the right time to make a purchase, now or later. There are other websites too that you consider to track the fare graph, thereby making it easier for you to determine in which direction your fare is headed, thus allowing you to make a purchase at the right time.

Also remember that many airlines launch fare sales on particular days. You might want to know this info from before so that you can make most out of the opportunity.

Be flexible

You might not know that shifting to a later travelling date can make a significant difference in fares! So, in order to save more, be flexible in your options. If you happen to live near to more than one airport, make sure that while checking out fares, you consider the other one(s) too.

Consider this: you live closer to airport X as well as airport Y. Then, at some instances you might find a flight that costs about $20 less to destination X than to destination Y. What decision will you make now?

With some homework and little effort, you can really save big and end up saving hundreds of dollars while booking flights.

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